Why choose us

Because we do custom software for business well – and we have a remarkably strong track-record to show for it.

We understand what a properly-run business needs, how to harness existing investment in technology and human resources, and how to implement appropriate software solutions cost-effectively.

Our approach, techniques and processes have been honed over many years with expertise acquired from across a wide range of industries to ensure that any project we take on is implemented successfully and delivers on our clients’ requirements for an acceptable return-on-investment.


We listen to our clients – really listen.  Not just what they tell us of their technical requirements, but their overall business wants and needs, challenges they are facing and sometimes even their fears.

We help them understand how, with proper business automation tools, owner and employee workloads can be reduced to the point where new business growth can be generated from existing resources only.  And we demonstrate with actual results how our other clients have accomplished this using our solutions.

We help them identify the business problems that can be solved cost-effectively using available technology, outlining the options and their respective risks and rewards.


We implement solutions in modules designed around our clients’ existing work processes.

We recognise that with traditional off-the-shelf or custom-designed software implementations, businesses can end up carrying the bulk of the risk.   The larger the implementation, the larger the risk – financial, under-utilisation or lost human effort.

We minimise these risks to our clients by identifying their most critical business issues and implementing solutions in highly-focused modules that automate existing workflows and are delivered within a relatively short time-frame, typically, three months.  Short time-frames mean staff get up-to-speed with the new software quicker and integrate the solution into the business’ regular work processes sooner.

Our approach ensures that our clients are able to achieve a quick return-on-investment, either in improved bottom-line or increased business capacity, which frees up resources for new business growth.


Our approach often leads our clients to think up new ways to run their businesses.  Most regularly come back to us with their own ideas for new functionality to add to solutions we have delivered.

They implicitly trust that we are available to provide on-going support and new enhancements to any of our solutions.  We  stand by our clients and work closely with them over the long-term.  Some of our solutions have been in use for over 10 years with continual adaptation to new business directions and technology.

Ready to build a proper business?

Every business starts off unique.  However, if managed using standard off-the-shelf solutions it eventually becomes standardised – indistinguishable from its competitors and having to compete on price only.

Proper businesses are self-sustaining systems for generating profit consistently.  Proper businesses require proper tools to implement their unique method of product and service delivery.

If you would like to develop your proper business, contact us now for a no-obligation chat to find out how we can help.