Custom software solutions

Kodeworks designs software solutions to suit the business needs and environment of our clients, as opposed to off-the-shelf solutions which are designed for the mass market and take a generic, one-size-fits all approach.

Well-run businesses often have very specific requirements for the critical functions of their operations.  Our custom software solutions are specifically designed and highly-tuned to enable them to operate as efficiently and with as few employees as possible.


In essence, a database is a central collection of information that is accessible to many users simultaneously.  With a proper database, all users have an identical view of the business’ operations, eg, customers, sales, jobs and service history.  This gives the entire organisation a consistent view of the operations and brings about better communication between staff members.  A properly-designed database solution also encourages staff to adhere to an effective and consistent workflow that ensures a higher level of product or service delivery to customers.

Kodeworks’ custom-developed databases enable the integration and interpretation of data from a wide variety of sources,  saving on manual data entry.  Staff are able to generate relevant reports for timely analyses, decision-making and action.

Clients who have invested in our custom-designed database solutions have, as a result, seen significant improvements in their productivity and greater consistency in their product and service deliveries, leading to higher overall profitability.

Automated spreadsheets

Many organisations rely on spreadsheets to track their financial and operational positions.  Manually updating and editing spreadsheets often requires specialised skills.  They tend to be time-consuming to use, requiring repeated data entry, manipulation and accuracy checks.  This often results in business owners neglecting, or worse, being unable to perform analyses of their business operations before making critical decisions.

Kodeworks helps businesses eliminate the drawbacks of regular spreadsheets by implementing properly designed automated spreadsheets that require only simple data entry with automatic recalculations and chart preparation.  Sophisticated spreadsheets, including charts and analysis tools, can be automatically produced from our custom-designed database solutions.

Clients who have invested in our automated spreadsheet solutions find that they are able to make better business decisions as a result of having key information precisely when it is required.  Their staff have responded positively to being freed from mundane and repetitive tasks, channeling their efforts into more important and  intellectually rewarding tasks.

Automated Documents

Electronic documents are the fundamental tools of virtually any business today.  However, manual document preparation continues to take up many staff hours, often before the business has generated any income from the effort, eg, quotes, proposal and contract preparation.  Document templates may save time on duplicate effort for relatively short documents of up to a couple of pages.  However, any savings from using templates become insignificant when longer documents demanding consistency and accuracy have to be prepared.

Kodeworks’ automated document solutions lock in consistent formatting and ensure that relevant information is inserted only into specific parts of the document.  They prevent  irrelevant, wrong, inappropriate or re-used information from previously composed documents from creeping in.  Our automated documents can stand alone or be automatically generated from our custom-designed database solutions, complete with images, tables and correctly calculated amounts.

Clients who have invested in our automated document solutions find that they are able to produce higher quality documents quickly and more accurately.  Letters, bills and other communications feature a consistent look-and-feel, regardless of which employee produced them, conveying a highly-polished and professional impression.

Data Processing and Transfers (API’s)

Most businesses use some sort off-the-shelf software, typically, an accounting package.  While these packages are suited to a specific requirement, eg, compliance with tax reporting, they are often unsuitable for specific business operations as they are too general in their design.  The data entry requirements for many off-the-shelf software packages can entail a significant cost to the business, eg, bookkeeping services.

Kodeworks’ data processing and transfer solutions allow automated transfer of large volumes of electronic data in any format to and from most off-the-shelf software.  Data in one format can be verified before being transferred or converted.  With modern cloud-based software, the data validation and transfer can occur directly with no human intervention via API’s (or Application Programming Interfaces).  Kodeworks has an excellent track record in performing API transfers against the three most popular cloud-based accounting software.

Clients who have invested in our data processing and transfer solutions find that they are able to minimise or eliminate manual bookkeeping data entry while ensuring virtually 100% accuracy.  They re-directed staff hours saved (in the hundreds annually) to revenue-generating activities, eg, customer service or sales.